PIVOT Bed does NOT include a headboard, but we do strongly recommend fitting one. Most beds suit a specific style of headboard and hence it's easy for the manufacturer to sell that style with their bed. For PIVOT, that's not so obvious, and our customers have a wide range of tastes. Our intention is to allow our customers the maximum choice possible in how they customise their PIVOT Bed.

We sell a range of good quality, padded, fabric covered headboards which come in a range of styles, two fabrics, and multiple colours. The permutations are huge and hence we have them made to order, locally to us. These are simple, flat headboards which use a mounting standard which is popular with 'divan' style beds here in the UK. Instead of the usual cheap wooden 'struts' to attach them to the bed, we include strong, custom-designed steel mounts with each headboard. These allow you to mount your headboard onto your PIVOT Bed's base unit, rather than your wall. Due to challenges with shipping headboards, we can only sell our headboards internationally when they ship with the bed itself. They cannot be ordered afterwards as a standalone order.

You should feel free to purchase a headboard more locally to you. If you are in the UK, you should find many of this type of 'divan' style headboards, and you can then just buy our Universal Headboard Mounts. If you live elsewhere, you're better with a wall-mounted headboard. Just ensure that your chosen headboard doesn't need to reach the floor as this would get in the way of the PIVOT base unit which attaches to your wall. The combined thickness of your mattress and headboard should not exceed 390mm / 15.4". As our maximum supported mattress thickness is 270mm / 11", this leaves a considerable amount of space for your headboard (220mm / 6.4").