PIVOT does NOT come with a mattress. Nor do we stipulate what type of mattress you use. Mattresses are a very personal choice and there is no way we could provide for all tastes. They're also incredibly uneconomical to ship internationally, and most people already have a mattress they love – or have one in mind which they want to buy.

The only thing you need to be mindful of is the thickness. The maximum supported thickness is 270mm / 11" to ensure the corner of the mattress doesn't foul the wall when pivoting. We have seen 12" mattresses work with just a little rubbing, but it depends on how square/rounded the mattress corners are. Any good quality mattress should be 200mm / 8" thick or more, and if you fit something thinner you may find that the mattress folds and flops around when vertical. While this isn't the end of the world, it isn't ideal.

Our bed frame's internal (mattress) measurements are currently 1400mm, 1500mm or 1600mm wide, and 1900mm or 2000mm long. We rationalise our sizes slightly to manage the huge variations available worldwide. For example, we started off making a 2050mm long bed frame for US queens and Australian beds, but we found through feedback from lots of customers that there was no need for this additional 50mm / 2". Mattresses are deformable and can easily fit into a slightly smaller frame, and there is also no problem with having a slight gap around the mattress. 

Finally, a note on comfort. The role of your bed frame is to provide a solid, strong and perfectly flat platform for your mattress (and allow it to breath). PIVOT bed provides a much stronger, flatter platform than any other bed we are aware of. It really does set you up for a great night's sleep. Once you have this great platform, the remaining 90% or so is up to your chosen mattress. A bed frame can give a poor night's sleep by being too flexible and therefore sagging in the middle, and this can lead to problems with your back.