Installation and Wall-Mounting

PIVOT will take a few hours to build, but there's nothing complicated about it. Our instructions are not your standard cryptic drawings, they're very thorough and full of explanations and helpful tips.

The one thing necessary which may require twenty minutes of help from an odd-jobs person or builder is to screw the base unit to your wall (or to the floor, if you prefer). This can be daunting for some, but trivial for others. If you're in the former camp then we advise using the services of a local professional.

Below are the basic details you need to be aware of:

  • Most installations will only require two screws into the wall
  • Screws should be between 6mm and 9mm diameter and suitable for your wall type (due to the huge number of wall types, we do not provide these).
  • For stud walls, you will need to find the vertical studs and screw into two of these. There are holes all along the width of the mounting panel, allowing you to find holes which match the position of your studs (see image below).
  • There are two rows of holes to choose from: 500mm and 550mm from the floor (or mat if your bed sits on our mat or another mat).
  • Holes are small and can be filled in seconds using pre-mixed wall filler and then painted. Rented accommodation shouldn't present a problem.
  • The screws are not to aid stability when the bed is upright. They are to prevent the base unit from rising up at the rear when lowering the bed, due to the weight transference.
  • If you have a wall outlet or other protuberance which would interfere with the below panel sitting flush with your wall, you will need to move this. We don't recommend the use of spacers but you can do so at your own risk. 

PIVOT Bed Wall Mounting Bracket Drawing