Published April 10, 2023

PIVOT Partners with Gungnir of Norway

We only partner with the best, so we are very proud to announce our new partnership with Gungnir of Norway – the innovative Norwegian brand that provides bars with built-in collars.
Named after Odin’s spear, Gungnir creates award-winning products with the one and only patented locking mechanism “SlideLock” on all of its bars, making the lifting experience so much easier, safer, tidier, and simply more convenient. This means no more clips, or clamps, or any other questionable means of holding weights in place.



The 15 kg version of The Allrounder Olympic bar possesses all the exceptional qualities of its 20 kg counterpart. This bar has been rigorously tested for performance and is incredibly durable, making it perfect for various applications. Featuring innovative SlideLock collars, bronze bushings, electroless nickel coated sleeves, and a satin hard chrome coated shaft, The Allrounder 15 kg bar belongs in the same top tier as its 20 kg counterpart.
To ensure that the weights remain secure during curls, Gungnir have created a curl bar with built-in collars. This bar boasts impressive features, such as bronze bushings, electroless nickel-coated sleeves, and a stainless-steel shaft, which place it on par with our Allrounder Olympic bar and Dumbler Olympic dumbbells.
Additionally, the cambered shaft is designed at an angle that minimizes wrist stress while providing a comfortable and stable grip, enabling you to achieve optimal results without risking injury. It is suitable for a range of exercises, including bicep curls, rows, and narrow grip movements such as tricep extensions or pullovers. With SlideLocks, you can perform these exercises with complete confidence in the safety and stability of your weights.


The Fiver Short Bar is a versatile and compact fitness bar that caters to a wide range of exercises. Its name aptly describes its length of five feet and its design as a hybrid of an Olympic and a curl bar, which makes it perfect for both push and pull exercises. Moreover, its short length is an advantage in tight gym spaces, smaller gyms, grass training, group training, or when you're on the go.

Crafted with a 28mm stainless steel shaft and coated with a special electroless nickel coating, this bar is designed to help you maximize your workout experience. It features single knurl markings, no center knurl, and a medium knurl for excellent grip and comfort.







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